Sunday, 2 December 2007

The Times published a response to my letter re education

The Times

Access denied
The educational system is subject to the same pressures as the health and judicial systems


John Slinger (letter, Nov 29) is deluding himself if he thinks that access to the educational system is in any way different to that of our health or judicial systems. Improved quality to all can be bought; jumping NHS queues and providing access to legal loopholes through top drawer solicitors are the same as paying for education.

Education is no different and is subject to all the same pressures as the rest of society, especially when money dictates who is able to do what and when.

The influence of greed, whether personal or organisational, can corrupt, as we have recently seen in the funding of political parties, and is a basic instinct of human nature whether it is money, influence or goods and services.

Opportunities are governed by parental influence and guidance and it is the loss of this element of control over young people that has resulted in damaging society, not the uncomfortable but understandable access by some to the private school system.

Dave Harwood

Cleeve, Somerset

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