Sunday, 10 February 2008

Letter published in The Times, Saturday 9th February 2008

The Editor
The Times


Religious institutions, such as the one led by Dr Williams, set their individual followers apart from those of other faiths and non-believers. Contrastingly, our secular, universal law is a manifestation of what is best about advanced, enlightened, progressive, liberal democracy. It treats all as individual human beings with equal and unalienable human rights, making no reference to ethnicity or religious creed. Thanks to the law and the progressive and enlightened forces that have forged it over the centuries, the conditions of life in Britain are far superior to those experienced in much of the rest of the world. All citizens, but particularly women, children and vulnerable groups such as gay people, are protected by our law from the forces of moral conservatism and bigotry, which organised religions used to foist on society in the past.

The vast majority of the population shun the pews each Sunday morning, and I have little doubt will reject the Archbishop's sermon on the law as off target in an age when we need integration based on common values, rather than separation along religious lines.

John Slinger