Monday, 28 July 2008

The joys of rail travel in the UK...

Having got up at 05:30 for my daily commute to London, I decided to return home and work from there after Network Fail's engineering works over-ran to the extent that no trains even got near my station for over an hour and they're still delayed as a type. While checking National Rail Enquiries' website for live updates, I must say I was grateful for their thoughtfulness in explaining some key definitions which rail travellers sadly encounter too frequently:

Delayed = This service is delayed
No report = There is no report on the progress of this service yet
On time = This service is on time
Starts here = The service has not yet started the journey
Cancelled = The service has been cancelled

Is a rational, functioning human brain employed in devising this or was it generated by a badly programmed computer?....

I would suggest the following addition:

Nationalised railway = uses less subsidy than privatised railway and allows the Government to design services which people need, such as cheap, high-speed commuter routes - please see France, Germany and Spain for more details.

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