Monday, 29 September 2008

Letter published in The Rugby Observer (Warwickehire) on litter

The Editor
Rugby Observer

23 September 2008

Dear Sir,

Having lived on King Edward Road for nearly two years, I would like to comment that the amounts of litter and dog mess on my road and many of the streets between the town centre and the train station are a disgrace to Rugby. The council cleans the streets too infrequently, and appears not to employ litter wardens. Were they to do both of these things, they would address both the symptoms and the cause of the problem.

On bad days, it is no exaggeration to say that the litter and general detritus makes parts of central Rugby look like the Third World. We in the community should take more pride in our streets, our parks and recreational areas. If the council is incapable of doing so, I respectfully suggest that individuals start to challenge those who litter and allow their dogs to foul. Don't forget, they are breaking the law, damaging the image of Rugby and endangering public health. We should perhaps all consider picking up litter rather than walking past it. If we all did so, those who litter and allow their dogs to foul might feel a little embarrassed.

Litter clearly isn't the biggest challenge society faces, but if the community can send a clear message that our streets belong to the vast majority of decent people, we would be taking a small step towards challenging the antisocial behaviour of a minority which blights our community as a whole.

Yours faithfully,

John Slinger

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