Tuesday, 2 December 2008

My letter in The Times re Haringey Council and Baby "P"

The Editor
The Times

3 December 2008


Much venom has been poured on to Haringey Council for the failures of its child protection system (report, Dec 2). Social workers, local authorities and councils are each predictable targets for opprobrium, sometimes with good cause. But in seeking out individual and institutional targets for our collective rage, we are missing the root causes of this tragedy. Simply expressing shock and outrage, conducting an inquiry and demanding that its stringent recommendations are implemented in the hope that this will “never happen again” will not work. Until the societal malaise in which violent, irresponsible, unintelligent, idle, evasive, manipulative so-called adults are under the impression that they can carry out such cruelty unimpeded by society’s laws and moral codes, Baby P will sadly not be the last to suffer and to die.

John Slinger



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