Thursday, 2 April 2009

April Fool's Day sees dawning of new age in fight against nuclear weapons

Here's a copy of a letter I sent to The Times today...

The Editor
The Times

2 April 2009


Was it an April Fool’s joke, or did they really do it? Yes they did! President Obama and President Medvedev did agree to move towards slashing their nuclear arsenals and so opened a process which might just lead to a world free of nuclear weapons within our lifetimes. The advent of the Global Zero movement, the comments of several retired senior British military leaders about the pointlessness of the British Government renewing Trident, and of course the transformative effect of a progressive President of the USA, are evidence of the emergence of a new paradigm in which it is no longer seen as left-wing, or pacifistic to call for pragmatic steps to be taken to rid the world of the pernicious evil of nuclear weapons. This truly was a summit at which the world changed for the better.

Yours faithfully,

John Slinger

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