Saturday, 24 October 2009

Why the BBC was wrong to change format for Nick Griffin - letter to The Times (not published)

The Editor
The Times


The BBC should not have changed the format of Question Time to focus relentlessly on subjects identified with the BNP. However vile Nick Griffin's views are, he won the right to appear by virtue of his democratic election to the European Parliament, and as such should have been accorded the right to equal treatment. To do otherwise fuels the very sense of ostracism felt by many voters who turned to the BNP in recent years and is a gift to the BNP propaganda machine that wishes to portray the establishment as incapable of understanding or accommodating the views of its supporters and their fellow travellers. Sadly, the mainstream political class and media may have won only a Pyrrhic victory against extremists of all hues, for they have indicated that that they cannot cope with unpalatable views in a measured, and dare I say it, British manner. Extremism is best defeated by calm debate, not fevered witch-hunt and media hype.

Yours faithfully,

John Slinger

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