Thursday, 25 March 2010

Cameron must be sweating as polls narrow

David Cameron's favourite newspaper, Tory-supporting The Sun, is publishing a series of daily YouGov polls.  This must have seemed a fantastic idea when the paper came out in support of the Conservatives and began its run of overtly anti-Labour reporting and propaganda.  Not so now, for the Tory lead over Labour is down to 2 points in The Sun's daily poll today.  Even they admit that this is too close for comfort for the Tory leader given that we're six weeks away from a General Election.

I'm looking forward to reading future editions of The Sun as their own, presumably costly, polls show the Tory lead vanishing and being reversed as voters wake up to the dangers of electing Cameron and co.  The Sun always likes to back a winner.  How long will it be before they admit that Cameron will not probably become Prime Minister?  I suspect that a large portion of humble pie may need to be consumed, or else The Sun may have to spend another five years in opposition to the government of the day!

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