Thursday, 25 March 2010

Osborne's anti-elocution lessons try to obscure his wealthy background

I've just watched George Osborne's Budget response party political broadcast.  I knew the content of what he said would be dubious, but what amazed and amused me was his delivery.  His anti-elocution lessons must have been going well, for he uttered some howlers, including:

"We're gunna" - We're going to
"We sedout" - We set out
"And that means gedding" - And that means getting
"To geh our economy moving" - To get our economy moving
"That godus into this economic mess" - That got us into this economic mess

His spin doctors must surely have been working hard to make him sound more like an 'ordinary' chap, rather than a top public school-educated millionaire who has risen to be potentially the second most powerful man in the country without ever seeming to have done a normal job in the real world. 

The Tories must be rattled if they think some anti-elocution lessons this late in the day will convince voters that Mr Osborne is just like them and understands their concerns.  And this on the day that the Tories showed just how panicked they are about the reduction of their lead to 2 points in their main propaganda sheet The Sun that they've engaged M&C Saatchi once more.  It's falling apart for the Tories and no doubt the daily poll in their main propaganda sheet - The Sun - will show their lead over Labour dropping even further in the coming days.  Afterall, it's at a pathetic 2 points in today's Sun.  Tony Blair's New Labour consistently led by between 15 to 20 per cent in the weeks before May 1997.


  1. I like it Johnny. I actually understood this one! Is Osbourne connecting with his audience? I reckon he should start walking about in jeans and drinking tea from mugs if this doesn't work!

    I understand his predicament though. I have recently caught myself using the terms "Dardarbase" (Database), Rowter (Router) and "Caishe" (Cache) just to fit in.

    I still haven't worked out what a Chocolate "Croysont" is though.

  2. Ha ha Nick. So long as you don't start calling cans of beer 'Stubbies' or sausages 'snags' or BBQs 'Aussie Barbies' then you'll be fine!

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  4. Now this sounds A LOT more like a 17th Baron Osborne ought to...

  5. Just out of curiosity... does anybody know anything about Caroline Lucas' school and parental background?

  6. She sounds pretty cut-glass to me but then again I'm American so take that with a grain of salt - I sound like a Cornwall fisherman.


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