Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Ordinary George is at it again with his 'normalised' pronunciation

Vote Labour - Don't be conned by the CONservatives 

In his preamble at the Tories' manifesto launch, George Osborne is at it again.  He's clearly been coached to sound less plummy and more 'normal'.   So we were treated just now to some beautiful guttural stops and dropped Ts.  That's the kind of pronunciation that would have been much mocked by the Bullingdon boys back in the days when Dave and George weren't quite so normal!
  • "How are we gunna get our economy moving" 
  • "id is labour's debt"
  • "the bedder off"
  • "that are gunna get growth growing again"
  • "id is business people"
  • "if you star a new business"
  • "send a message ou loud and clear around the world"
  • "and now we're gunna hear"
Vote Tory, vote for changed pronunciation!

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