Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tories need M&C Saatchi to take a look at their ridiculous merchandise

Vote Labour - Don't be conned by the CONservatives

Not that the Tories would wish to take advice from me, but if they did, I'd recommend they ask their new advertisers M&C Saatchi to take a look at the strange, verging on ridiculous range of posters and t-shirts on sale at

Take the "Stronger" poster (which claims that "by trusting people we help them grow").  This is straight out of the "Slogans for the aspiring New Age guru" book.
The whole tone of the design of these
posters and t-shirts is very 1970s.  Is this really the direction they want to take their squeaky-clean, hopeful, optimistic New Tory brand in?

My favourite is the
"Don't blame me, I voted Tory" t-shirt.  Surely a hostage to fortune given that Labour are likely to win the next election...

Other classics are the new
Tory pens.  You'll  be relieved to hear that the website makes clear that "The wood has been sourced from sustainable forests."  

The "Blue is the new green" recyclable bags will no doubt win the election for them, perhaps chiefly by being used to transport thousands of glossy leaflets paid for by non-dom Lord Ashcroft.

While Obama swept to power with exciting rhetoric and has proved himself a true progressive by challenging David Cameron's bedfellows, the Republicans, over healthcare, the conservatives give us the
"Tea for change" mug.

Great.  I can see how all this Tory merchandise could swing the election for them.  Forthwith, Labour Party and Lib Dem members will be resigning their membership in order to usher in the new blue, I mean, green era by writing out a shopping list using their ethically-sourced wooden pen.  Next they'll purchase their (fairtrade) tea and take it home in their new 'Blue is the new green' shopping bag.  No doubt they'll then sit down to a well earned cup of tea in their"Tea for change" mug.  As they gaze up at their newly purchased
"By sharing responsibility we help society grow stronger" poster perhaps they'll be a little shocked to receive news that the new Conservative government has just cut funding to the local Children's Centre, school, police force or army barracks (delete as appropriate).

Labour - Don't be conned by the 

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  1. The Unelected commissioners and bureaucrats of the EU superpower are the biggest obstacle to any reform you might wish for.

    If Pam Giddy did her research, the House of Lords has only a marginal effect on policy making, which can be and HAS been "forced through" by new labour on many occasions, usually against the public interest.

    Perhaps a bigger UNELECTED menace is the EU commission which now makes 76% of our laws! The UK voter has NO way to hold them accountable for the mess they've made and continue to make while living high on our taxes.

    L. Davies (Cambridge University)


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