Thursday, 29 April 2010

We're all in glass houses over the PM's so-called gaffe

Of those who are still trying to twist the knife into Gordon Brown over yesterday's events I say this:

if you are prepared to stand in front of a camera in front of several million people and say you have never slagged anyone off immediately after being pleasant to them - then I'll take your criticism more seriously. 

That so much of the attack comes from so-called newspapers such as The Sun and the Daily Mail is even more hilarious. These are the papers which offer financial inducements to members of the public for 'kiss and tells', for scandalous goings on, to make allegations or indeed tell their own sob stories.

That's not to say that the PM wasn't wrong to say what he said. He's apologised and we, like Mrs Duffy, should accept that and move on. The election is about far more important things than this. And yes, immigration is one of them. Let's hope the PM rises to the challenge tonight.

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