Friday, 18 June 2010

My letter on private schools published in The Times

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The Cost of Fees

Sir, The school that Vicky Tuck is leaving for being made to feel “slightly immoral” is one, like all fee-paying schools, that favours the life chances of its pupils over other children on the sole basis of their parents’ wealth (“Top school head quits ‘hostile’ Britain”, June 17).

Some people regard this as a human right, others as “slightly immoral”. You report that she feels “beaten up” by bureaucracy over visas, etc. I am sure teachers in inner-city comprehensives, drained as they are of more academic children often by the lure of private schools, find this comment hard to take seriously.

John Slinger

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  1. Perhaps Britain is not quite as hostile as she says - after all, a year's fees at Cheltenam Ladies College will run you £31,000. The hostility she feels in England toward private education must therefore exist cheek-by-jowl with a good deal of affection, if the market for private education continues to bear such hefty prices.


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