Wednesday, 1 September 2010

5 Reasons To Vote DAVID Miliband

I support David Miliband for the following reasons:

1) He's the only candidate for the leadership who has the skills to reach out beyond our core vote to parts of the electorate whose support we need if we are to win the next election.
2) He has the strength of purpose to challenge his own party and indeed the country about what is necessary to rebuild Britain's strength in the coming years.
3) He truly understands Britain's place in the world and our role for good. Being Prime Minister is about more than domestic politics. We need a statesman able to engage internationally. Unlike some of the other candidates, he has not disowned decisions such as the liberation of Iraq, which indicates he is a man who stands by his decisions. International relations are unlikely to be calm in the coming years.  We need a leader of substance who both understands the international system and has the strength of his convictions to take the tough decisions that may be necessary.
4) He is the most credible alternative Prime Minister.
5) He understands that while many in the Labour Party may feel in their heart that now is the time to move leftwards, such a move would be disastrous electorally. The public will only take us seriously if we resolutely hold the centre ground of politics, while developing what I call PRAGMATIC IDEALISM.

More on Pragmatic Idealism at a later date.


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