Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Pope should engage with "pro faith atheists" like Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell blogs today that Baroness Warsi has completely missed the point of his "we don't do God" from the halcyon days of the Blair govenment.  In the blog, he sets out, quite plausibly, that "it is entirely possible to be an atheist without feeling the moral superiority that so many atheists seeem to display, and without denigrating those who do have a faith."

This leads me to wonder whether any of the plethora of 'inter-faith' charities have ever bothered to engage with the 43% of the UK population who describe themselves vast majority of Britons who are agnostic or atheistic (according to the British Humanist Association).  It's perhaps time for for the organised religions to engage more with this sizeable minority of humanists, agnostics and atheists who are, if present trends continue, soon to become the majority.  A world inhabited by humanists is no more to be feared than than our present world, so dominated as it is by organised religions.  We humans make our own utopias and dystopias.  If there is any hope for humanity, it must be that those of different faiths, nations and ethnicities, together with those who do not profess a faith, are able to work together in the shared interest of humanity itself.  So Alastair Campbell is right, it is possible to be a "pro faith atheist".  But it is equally important that more people of faith, even perhaps the Pope himself, become "pro atheist believers".

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