Saturday, 11 December 2010

New becomes old

Anyone who voted Lib Dem in May might like to reflect on the words Nick Clegg spoke to the Lib Dem Spring Conference in March when Nick still dreamed the dream.  Now he's living the dream and it's looking more and more like a nightmare for all those voters who believed the rhetoric.  Labour activists have known for decades that the Lib Dems like to appeal to all voters, often saying one thing locally, while another nationally.  This time their crash course in 'the difficulties of government' has pricked the bubble of self-righteousness that we all had to endure during the leadership debate. 

Nick Clegg, March 2010:

...No wonder people feel let down. No wonder people feel they shouldn’t expect too much. The old parties have drained our ambition to do things differently. They seem to say: we’ve been in charge for decades – don’t now start hoping for more. That’s just the way things are. No.

...No courage. No honesty.   Just a miserable attempt to save their own skins.
...People say all politicians are the same. They are not.

...A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a commitment to hope and opportunity.

It’s a vote that says: I want government to be honest and open.

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