Saturday, 14 May 2011

Leading financial columnist slams the Tory-Lib Dem lie on the financial crisis

Anyone in any need for an alternative view of the financial crisis that doesn't subscribe to the pernicious, misleading narrative so successfully created by messrs Osborne, Cameron and Clegg - that all our economic woes are Labour's fault, please read this illuminating column by one of the most respected financial journalists - the London Evening Standard's Anthony Hilton

His last paragraph is telling. He reminds us that the 10% fall in GDP, the unemployment, the lost businesses, the bankruptcies, the depression, the hundreds of thousands of young people cast on the scrap heap - all are unnecessary, all were avoidable and all were NOT the fault of Labour's decisions in office. I concur with Hilton, elements of the financial sector were to blame and yes, they have got off lightly. We are paying the price for their greed. Next time they come begging for bailouts the people will not roll over so pliantly.

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