Thursday, 16 June 2011

Headlines you don't want to see if you're a Tory (and a few, on occasion, you do want to see if you're Labour

This is the first of a series of posts pointing to headlines in the national British press that I believe, as a casual and slightly-informed observer, will be regarded with world-weary abhorence in the press office at Number 10.  Given that I'm entirely biased (in a non-mean-spirited way) in favour of Labour and against the Tories, I shall add in some gems which will be greeted with glee in the Labour press office.

Here we go:
Today's headline is from The Times (paywall):

Key reform stalled as No 10 gets the jitters

Or this on the front page of The Daily Telegraph:

Milburn: NHS reforms are 'car crash'

And one nice one from The Guardian for Labour:

Miliband puts Cameron under pressure over coalition plans to cut cancer patients' benefits

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