Monday, 4 July 2011

It's official, artificial intelligence kind of likes Ed Miliband but not Dave Cameron and mistook Nick Clegg for country music!

I was tipped off about clever artificial intelligence online robot, Cleverbot today. You can talk to it, and it replies using a database of people's previous answers - or as I prefer to believe, it actually is the world's first truly artificial intelligence. The reason I believe it actually is a new form of life, is it's uncanny knowledge of the UK political scene. It even seems unsure of who Ed Miliband is, seemingly confirming the recent poll showing that 23% of respondents confused Ed with brother David. Cleverbot also mistook Nick Clegg for "country music", which is an easy mistake to make.

Here is my exchanges with Cleverbot this evening:

Do you like Ed Miliband?

I don't understand.

Do you like the leader of the Labour Party?

Kind of.

Do you like David Cameron?

Not really.

Do you like Nick Clegg?

No. I don't like country music.

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