Thursday, 15 March 2012

My local paper, Rugby Observer, publishes my letter on need for community to stand up to people who let dogs foul

The Rugby Observer published my letter, (see below).

PERSONAL COMMENT: Anti-social behaviour, including dog-fouling, is something I was discussing with police officers and Rugby Borough Council Community Safety Wardens at the Hillmorton Community Forum on Tuesday evening. As a potential Labour Party candidate for the local elections, I take great interest in these issues and know that my colleagues in Rugby Labour are committed to improving people's lives by working with the community and the authorities in this difficult times.



Your correspondent ('name & address supplied') highlights the serious problem of dog-fouling. Such so-called minor crimes, together with littering, vandalism, anti-social behaviour and graffiti, tend not to be the first priority of the authorities, who must tackle more significant threats to life-and-limb within the constraints of ever shrinking resources. However, if we indirectly tolerate dog-fouling, it sends out a corrosive message about the strength, or otherwise, of our community. We will be better able to show one another and the wider world that Rugby is a strong and healthy town if the community works more in tandem with the authorities to enforce the standards of the majority of law-abiding people on the selfish minority. 

Rugby Borough Council told me on Twitter that: 'We have found it difficult to catch offenders in the act but we issued 6 penalty notices for dog offences in past year'. While six penalty notices in a year is not much of a deterrent (as anyone living in central Rugby will attest to), their efforts should be encouraged and the community should do all it can to assist the Council in its efforts put an end to the foul behaviour of a minority of dog-owners.

Yours faithfully,

John Slinger

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