Friday, 21 September 2012

The Times publishes my letter on tax avoidance off-shore

Online at The Times here (£)

The article to which I was responding is here (£)

Sir, The contrast between those who squirrel away their earnings in tax havens such as Monaco and those who earn ordinary incomes and pay their tax without a fuss is revealing. On the one hand are the majority who do not object to contributing their fair share to fund the services on which we all depend and which help to create a civilised society. If they feel taxes are too high, they seek to change them through the levers available in a democracy.

The other group consists of people who wish to remain to all intents and purposes “British” because of the huge advantages this brings them and their businesses, yet reject the quid pro quo which is that they pay such taxes as the law decrees are owed by a British resident. The former group are, in effect, subsidising the greed and lack of commitment to this country of the latter. That the Establishment maintains such a baneful state of affairs in perpetuity would suggest that it is too close to the latter group.

John Slinger
Rugby, Warks

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