Monday, 7 January 2013

Mid-Term Review: The Coalition moves from SICK to SLICK in the branding colour stakes

The Coalition has adapted its colour scheme in light of changed circumstances.

Back in May 2010, the ConDems needed a colour for their brand. All good PR men know that a brand needs a colour - something that represents the product or service, something that conjures up just the right feeling in the mind of the beholder (or voter). Think Santa red for Coke; think racing green for Marks & Spencer.

Back when the glorious early summer sunlight shone on the non-victory of Messrs Cameron and Clegg, they opted for the perfect colour - an amalgam of Tory blue and Lib Dem yellow. The result was a colour that can only be described as SICK. Think sick for the Coalition.

It's possible that an external design consultant was employed on an inflated fee to work their magic on those early Coalition documents, but I rather think some low-paid flunky in the Cabinet Office opened up PhotoShop and mixed together this:

with this:

Which as any design consultant could tell you, results in this awful colour:

Such a disgusting, vomit-like colour, was then deployed on key Coalition Government documents such as the 'Programme for Government':

But now today, as the Government launches its Mid-Term Review, the powers that be have decided to move from SICK to SLICK, by adopting the colour purple for its key document.

Purple is, of course, a colour to some extent appropriated by the good people at Progress, for their Purple Book.*

Quite what all these colour-related capers mean is anyone's guess. On the one hand purple might mean a move in the direction of True Blue. On the other hand, it might represent a move from the right to the centre. Alternatively (and more likely) it could mean absolutely nothing.

What does remain the case is that the mixing of these two political brands will continue to be severely nauseating for many people, not least those who are being so adversely affected by their their incompetence and the damaging decisions they are taking.


* NB: For the record, I'm a Progress member and think they're a superb organisation. The opposite pertains regarding my relationship with the ConDems!

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