Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My twitter-witter political predictions for 2013...

In the spirit of twitter-witter (as my daughters call it) here are some sub-intellectual political predictions for 2013 - Happy New Government!

1/10 @Ed_Miliband's ratings will be higher, in 12 months: he'll be regarded by more voters as more of a PM-in-waiting. He'll set agenda more

2/10 @uklabour's Policy Review under @JonCruddasMP will prove that from bottom to top of Party, Labour has relevant, exciting, bold ideas

3/10 The ideological/political contradictions in the Coalition will become more evident. Expect chaos/mistrust/sniping #JoysOfCoalition

4/10 @david_cameron will become (to coin his word) "frustrated"@ not being able to throw red meat on Europe/crime/tax #JoysOfCoalition pt 2

5/10 Newly-elected Labour MPs such as @andysawfordMP will make a huge impact, showing new generation can help Lab become more electable

6/10 #CoalitionFailures will continue esp on planning/big infrastructure as NIMBY county Tories across the land slap down Boles-the-Brave

7/10 #CoalitionFailures will continue w/ young people suffering for profligacy of elders-more music/sport/community schemes will be chopped

8/10 duplicity of Establishment's covert plan to replace Trident will continue. Expect yet more £billions on a project not yet signed-off

9/10 Lab will put more teeth on economic policy bone,setting out more activist position re growth & levelling w/public on scale of challenge

10/10 BBC mega-platforms #bbcaq @bbcquestiontime will continue 2 b tired formats dependent on rent-a-rant& pantomime not moderate characters


..And an extra two predictions (yawn) for good measure...

11/10(!)...& one more for the road: More Lab MPs will make an impression on the national consciousness a la @stellacreasy's top campaigning

final 2013 prediction - 12/10(!) the 'international community' will continue to show tragic weakness on Syria,failing to uphold human rights

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