Saturday, 2 March 2013

Appearance on BBC challenging myths about Saddam Hussein's Iraq & reminding people of 25th anniversary of Kurdish genocide

I appeared on the BBC's World Have Your Say programme on 'Does Intervention Work' on Monday 25 February video clip. It was broadcast on BBC World News on Friday 1 March.

It was also broadcast on World Service Radio on Monday (this is the full-length version of the debate). I mention the Saddam Hussein regime's genocide against Iraq's Kurds and the 25th anniversary of the chemical weapons attack on Halabja and argue against the views expressed on the night that Saddam staying in power would not have been such a bad thing.

You may be interested to know that the House of Commons held an historic debate on the 25th anniversary of the Kurdish genocide on Thursday 28 February.

Please sign the No 10 e-petition urging the UK Government to officially recognise the horrific crimes by Saddam and his regime against the Kurds in Iraq as genocide.

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