Thursday, 25 April 2013

Local paper the Rugby Observer publishes my letter about Tory Rugby Borough Councillor's surreal response to my proposal to tackle dog poo/litter

Viewable online here.

Dear Sir,

In your article ('Calls for a dog poo team to take action', 18/04/13) you quote Tory Borough Councillor Mark Williams dismissing my proposal to tackle littering and dog-fouling by employing more wardens with enforcement powers (on short-term contracts), on the grounds that “if we were to succeed in deterring people from allowing their animals to foul, there would be no fines issued and no income to pay for the policy."

This surreal response is tantamount to saying: "if this policy were to succeed, we would deem it a failure." This is yet more evidence that the Conservatives who run our Council are not only lacking in logic but are also defeatist when it comes to taking action to improve the quality of life enjoyed by the majority of law-abiding residents.

Yours faithfully,

John Slinger
Vice-Chair, Rugby Labour Party

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