Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Guardian letter: Miliband understands that Labour will win by speaking for whole country. Trialling open primaries will help.

David Cameron has inadvertently given Ed Miliband an opportunity to remind voters that he is a strong leader who understands their expectation that parties should work in the interests of the entire country. To win the next election, Labour must focus on the concerns and aspirations of ordinary people, rather than internal party machinations. To help achieve this, it should try opening its parliamentary selections to the wider community, through open primaries.

John Slinger
Former member of Labour's national parliamentary panel

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NB: The Guardian edited my letter (perfectly reasonably). My original draft suggested safeguards to mitigate some suggested problems with open primaries, by saying:

'Suggested problems with this system could be mitigated by shortlisting powers being retained by constituency parties, and strict rules being established to limit both the amount of money and time that could be spent on contests'.

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