Friday, 23 August 2013

My "Dear World" tweets about Syria and (our tragic lack of) intervention

  1. Dear World,if your town was bombed by chemical weapons,wld u think UN's call for more evidence was a suitable response as u buried your dead
  2. Dear World,U preference rights of dictators &their allies over rights of individuals to "life, liberty &security of person" (these UN rights
  3. Dear World, You persist in the myth thay international 'law' is the moral arbiter for action. Was Rwandan/Bosnian inaction moral, if legal?
  4. Dear World, Remember that secure nations cannot be truly secure or powerful if they fail to confront evil, protect civilians & defend rights
  5. Dear World,Remember even tho u proclaim human rights, R2P, etc u'd rather hide behind 'international law' that wls tolerate WMD use by Assad
  6. Dear World, Remember you refused to act after 200k Kurds were murdered in genocide in 80s. U only acted when Saddam invaded your ally Kuwait
  7. Dear World,remember u chose not to act in Darfur even tho US Secr of State Powell called it 'genocide'.Hence Genocide Convention=meaningless
  8. Dear World, remember that u stood by as 1million civilians were murdered in Rwandan genocide. There is no upper limit compelling you to act.

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