Sunday, 27 October 2013

My poem 'Sleeping through' from 20 years ago about Bosnia...could be about Syria...

[Written when I was 18 years old.]

31 August 1993, 2.01 am. Re: Bosnia.


How can we sleep
when so many hearts cry and tear out
How can we close our eyes 
upon the blood-drenched peace treaties
and Devil Deals with us in his own way

How can we slumber
while brutality and killing all around and over
this world sighs and tosses and turns
while that world cries and corpses and burns
But our souls stench more than their smoke

How can we snore out our dreams
of happily married and children's things
while our doppelgängers bludgeoned like '39
and world cries "the fascist swine"
and yet we dream and sleep and snore some more

And we'll make tonnes of love 
and babies too who gently to adulthood move
On our island safe and sounds of war
so far away like what Grandpa saw and history taught
and Zeds turn to SS and I see men with a little moustache and hate
Heil! Those who sleep through and know what nothing history is.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Energy price fixing: Fixing up's fine, fixing down's a crime


In his conference speech the Chancellor labelled Ed Miliband's proposal to freeze energy prices as an example of the attempts of "socialism" to "fix prices" which it is the Conservative Party's "historic work" to "put right". 

It is therefore ironic that the Government intends to fix the wholesale price of energy produced by new nuclear power stations at double the current price. It seems that fixing prices at a lower rate in the interests of consumers amounts to what the Prime Minister calls a "con" while fixing them higher to incentivise foreign investment is described by the Energy Secretary as both "good value" and "a good deal". 

One wonders who is being conned.