Thursday, 2 October 2014

Brian Blessed on the World Tonight about why William Hague is not the Greatest Living Yorkshireman!

A wonderful bit of radio, this - regarding David Cameron's description of William Hague as "the greatest living Yorkshireman" during his speech yesterday to the Conservative Party Conference. BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight  interviewed veteran actor Brian Blessed about this claim.

Caroline Wyatt (presenter): Was Mr Cameron right in his choice [of William Hague as the "greatest living Yorkshireman"]?

Brian Blessed: Oh, absolutely not.Totally ridiculous. He's a marvelous man, he made a marvelous speech the other day, he's a lovely Yorkshireman, a terrific guy. But he doesn't compare to me! I am, without doubt, the greatest Yorkshireman who's ever lived. We've got hundreds of Yorkshire people, you've got Patrick Stewart, the Captain, Jean-luc Picard, you've got Geoffrey Boycott, Dickie Bird, the whole of the gigantic county is full of marvelous people.

But the fact of the matter is, I am very hurt, because I have a special relationship with the Prime Minister, Mr Cameron, absolutely. I was there in Number 10 Downing Street a few weeks ago, going to see about animals, and I was falling asleep by the window sill, and I suddenly felt his arms around me: "Hello Brian". We'd come into Number 10 Downing Street, we'd stood outside the door, he said: "Wake everybody up and shout "Gordon's alive" "! And I did that and he said thank you so much. So we have this very special relationship and it's an aberration by him to say that Hague is a wonderful man.

But William Hague comes from Woth-on-Durn, I come from half a mile away, Bolton-on-Durn, next to Woth-on-Durn [in a Yorks accent now], and they were always second to us. We beat them at football, we beat them at Sheffield Association League, but I mean William Hague, love, he can't hold a candle to me".

Caroline Wyatt: Follow that - Brian Blessed....

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