Friday, 8 January 2016

Wonderful article affirming the importance of creativity

The most wonderful, life-affirming article I've read in years which makes the case for creativity over computers and consumerism; music over machines. It's by concert pianist James Rhodes in the Sunday Times 

"I look around and it seems that we (myself included) have looked outside ourselves for a means of happiness for so long that we have, for the most part, quite forgotten what it is to inhabit that part of us that is immune to social media and iPad Pros. We need a way to turn our phones off, metaphorically as well as physically, and I am convinced that creativity is the solution we don't even know we are looking for." 

He recommends buying a cheap piano, or writing, or playing guitar, etc, etc.

My letter in The Times ( on the importance of creativity in schools. In my view music is shamefully ignored in favour of sport, so that now much of the creative music scene is dominated by privately-educated people, when music should be, and can be, for ALL).