Monday, 25 July 2016

My Times letter on how the most important electorate for Labour is the British people

Sir, “Democracy” is a much-contested concept, particularly within the Labour Party, with many claiming that Jeremy Corbyn has a democratic mandate to carry on as leader. However, if he were to win, Theresa May is very likely to call an early general election and the people will give their democratic verdict on a once-great party: our likely annihilation in parliament.

To avert this, Labour members must confidently assert that the most important electorate is not the PLP, the shadow cabinet, Labour members, supporters or trade union members; it is the people of this country who need a party capable of governing for the whole nation from a modern, progressive, centre-left platform.

It will be a tragedy for Labour and a dangerous turn for democracy if the internal “democracy” of a party heralds a period of virtual one-party rule during such dangerous times.

John Slinger

(Labour Party member since 1992)

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