Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Simon Pegg's excellent words on the enduring allure of Star Trek in our isolationist world

Brilliant and strangely prescient from Simon Pegg while interviewed about the latest Star Trek movie, which he co-wrote.

Regarding the enduring appeal of the Star Trek universe he said:

"I think it offers a huge amount of hope. I think it's an incredibly optimistic story. It's not like Star Wars, which is a fairy tale, that's set in a different galaxy, far, far away, it's not us, it has nothing to do with our lives. 

"Star Trek is our future. Star Trek is the possibility that we might all learn to put everything aside and work together and move out into the galaxy in this incredibly hopeful, fun, exciting, humorous, bright place. 

"And it offers a universe which is infinitely diverse, infinite combinations. And I think often people will dismiss Star Trek fans as being like oh they're the sort of nerdy fringes of society type of people. Some of them are and some of them find it a place where they can feel acceptance and can feel a place where they would be accepted, where they wouldn't feel awkward. 

And I think that's what Star Trek offers. It offers total acceptance. And that's a really attractive proposition, at a time when isolationism seems to be fashionable, it's a future where we're just all together, we're all doing one thing. Yeah we're still fighting aliens, sure, but at least we're doing it as a team".

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