Sunday, 6 November 2016

Rule of Five Tweets Edition 2: Salient points from Nigel Farage’s Andrew Marr Show interview & with Gina Miller

(1/5) Encouraging distrust of Supreme Crt “reach of EU into upper echelons of society..makes it quite diff for us to trust the judgments”

(2/5) Disparaging ‘movements’ despite UKIP being one: “What I see is a movt [to stay in Single Mkt] &..court case is just a part of it”

(3/5) On naming High Court judges “enemies of the people” (a tool for repression popularised under Stalin) – “I completely understand it”

(4/5) Implying referendums trump legal process: GMiller:“do u want country where we have no process”. NF:“we had it-it’s called a referendum”

(5/5) Harsh lang: urges Brexit ppl to “get even”&“peaceful protests” &to GMiller “what part of Leave don’t u understand”

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